Who’s Your Golden Goose? – Episode 1 #SmallBusinessTips

Who’s your Golden Goose?

Every business has one. And if you can identify them and form a strong relationship them, they’ll feed you your Golden Eggs for years to come.

Your Golden Goose is the most natural referral partner for you. For example:

➡️ A mortgage lender’s goose would be the real estate agent

➡️ An orthodontist’s goose would be the dentist

➡️ A seamstresses’ goose would be the consignment store

➡️ A graphic designer’s goose would be the digital advertising agency

➡️ An HVAC contractor’s goose would be the roofing company

Get the idea?

Find your Golden Goose, serve them well, and they’ll pay you forever.

This is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business, especially if you look at the possibility of having more than one Golden Goose.

If you’re not sure who your Golden Goose is and you’re having trouble figuring it out, drop a comment below and we’ll brainstorm together 👍

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