April 5

Keys to Staying Productive in Business – Episode 3 #SmallBusinessTips


Staying productive as an entrepreneur working from home, or just getting started in your business can be extremely challenging…

Distractions aside, (family, kids, personal stuff) it’s easy to find yourself going down rabbit holes trying to troubleshoot a tech issue, putting together a new proposal template, or researching a new lead.

You look at the clock, and the day is already halfway over and your to-do list has barely been cracked.

How do you stop time from slipping away and being more productive with the limited time that you do have?


Schedule it.

Man, I resisted this philosophy for years before finally giving in and actually trying it out.

The idea is that if you put all your to-dos onto your calendar, and allot a specific amount of time to each, you will actually get it done.

And furthermore, you won’t have stuff slipping through the cracks all the time because it was all accounted for on your calendar.

It sounds simple, and it is – but it’s also a habit.

If you’re not used to doing it, and you’re not naturally an organized person, you’ll probably go a little crazy the first week you try this.

But once you do it for a little while, it actually gets sort of addicting.

Want to get more productive? Schedule everything that you want to get done.

If it’s not on your calendar, it simply doesn’t exist.

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