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How do you choose the marketing methods that will get you to your goals? Let us help you save time, and money by starting off in the right direction

Expert Advice Can Save You Tens of Thousands of Dollars and Years of Frustration

Whether you’re looking for a 2nd opinion, or help building an entire marketing plan, we can help!

Local SEO Audit

Want to know how to improve your online presence and generate more leads from Google? We’ll deliver a jargon-free in-depth analysis of your website and competition to help you capitalize on missed opportunities and shore up your weaknesses.

Get a Second Opinion

Are you working with an SEO freelancer (one-man band) or an agency - but get the sneaking feeling that something just isn’t right? We can discretely audit their work, or review your contract to make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. We recently saved a solar company $1,000/m on SEO services with a freelancer who had absolutely no clue what they were doing.

Sales & Process Consulting

You can make a lot more money in your business by tweaking small parts of your sales process. We’ve worked with dispatchers to improve call-answering and reduce friction in the appointment booking process. We’ve also helped revamp the proposal process for several companies doubling and even tripling conversion rates from appointment to sale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does optimizing your GMB listing really work?

Yes! But, it’s important to know it’s just the groundwork. If you don’t have an optimized GMB listing, your potential customers are not finding you in a Google search. But, once we’ve done the initial setup and optimization, creating a GMB listing alone isn’t enough to compete with other companies spending more money on SEO services. So, when you’re ready to take it to the next level, we’re here to help!

Can I add photos to my GMB account on my own?

Yes, and you should! The more photos on your GMB listing, the better! However, with GMB Optimization packages, we add 30 SEO-rich photos that give your account an additional boost. These photos are geo-tagged to locations relevant to your service area, along with other optimization tactics.

What is the benefit of a Google My Business listing?

A shocking 85% of traffic to a business’s website comes from Discovery searches in Google. This means the majority of traffic reaching a company in a Google search gets there from general searches within a category (like ‘dry cleaners in Albuquerque’) as opposed to brand specific searches. So, if you aren’t easily found in a Google search, you’re majorly missing out on potential customers. Your GMB listing gives Google everything it needs to know to help you show up in Discovery searches.