We Love Helping Small Businesses Grow

It’s not easy being a small business owner, especially if you feel like you’re on your own.

How It All Began

A brief history of how Digital Harvest became one of the most trusted marketing agencies in the southwest.

A Family Business That Failed

From the Founder: “In 2011 my family had to file for bankruptcy on our environmentally friendly dry cleaning business in Boulder, Colorado. When I look back, what pains me the most  is that we had amazing staff, a great process, and a service that so many people needed. The biggest problem was that not enough people knew we existed. My father tried everything to save the business while it slowly collapsed. Groupon, local networking events, direct mail, and social media marketing.”

If Only We Knew Then What We Know Now

Not only would I have been able to easily save the business, but we would have gone on to completely dominate the search engines and take the #1 spot… blessing our business with countless new customers eager to pay us for our services. Over the last 4 years I’ve partnered with some of the brightest minds in digital marketing and learned from the best of the best. I’ve been a digital marketing consultant and chief marketing officer for multi-million dollar companies spanning over 40 countries.

Who We Are

Avram Gonzales

Founder, Owner

Chris Jewell

Lead Graphic Designer

Rachel Veronica

Process Architect

Lauren Bratten

Lead Content Creator