August 14

This Quick Fix Makes Huge Impact on New Logo! (Digital Harvest Logo Refresh)


Typography is the key that unlocks doors to brilliant logos. Don’t be fooled – this means much more than what font you decide to use. Yes, that is the first major decision when working typography but it’s the first decision of many. Once that choice is made we dive into things like alignment, letter spacing (known as kerning), font weight, contrast, and overall layout. There’s a million ways to design the same font and the same words. Making sure you can find that needle in haystack is what makes Digital Harvest’s design team stand out. 

When our Director of Design, Chris Jewell (CJ), joined the Digital Harvest team, he quickly took it upon himself to upgrade the current internal branding. We aimed to keep our brand style consistent, meaning font choice and colors would have to remain the same. This example of a typographer in action is a perfect case study for what excels Digital Harvest above other Brand Development services. But don’t take our word for it – take a look for yourself.

Notice the clean and tight kerning, the contrast between font weights, and the overall feel that the new logo has versus the old one. Not much has changed, but at the same time everything has changed. We’re proud to be able to show off this upgrade to our own brand, and hopefully this shows you another way to look at your own company’s logo. 

If you want to know more about CJ’s thought process and learn more about typography, check out our YouTube channel where we will be uploading new design content regularly. Digital Harvest is proud to now be offering high-level brand development at an extremely reasonable rate. Take a look at our Logo Design & Brand Development page for more information, and fill out a FREE Brand Analysis so we can take a look at your brand in a large scope. Our team is so passionate about logos and branding that it’s difficult to get them to do other work sometimes… this is the team that you want developing your new logo or elevating your existing brand.


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