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Avram and his team have been great to deal with! The Google 360 tour they did for us helped increase our Google traffic by over 40% and has more than doubled the number of closed deals we get through online channels.

Michael S. , Co-Owner

SEO & Web Design for Los Lunas Small Businesses

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SEO Consulting

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Request an SEO audit or digital marketing consultation from a local expert.

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Maximize your Google listing to start generating warm leads that convert better.

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Sustainable year-over-year pipeline growth you can predict, plan for, and depend on.

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We're Not Your Average Los Lunas SEO Company

Here’s How We’ve Outgrown Our Competition

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SEO Services We Help You Understand

At Digital Harvest, we know SEO can be intimidating—especially when you feel like you're in the dark. But we're not like those other companies who will charge you an arm and a leg and keep you in the dark. With us, you'll get a full education on what we're doing and why, every step of the way. And, most importantly, we won't stop until we see results for your business. Our goal is to be proactive in our communication, so you'll never even have to ask a question. We keep you in the loop with weekly updates, so you can rest easy knowing where you stand with your campaign. SEO doesn't have to be a mystery—and with Digital Harvest, it won't be. Let us guide you through the process with transparency and expertise.

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Transparent Search Engine Optimization Campaigns

Welcome to Digital Harvest, where transparency is our top priority. We believe in providing our clients with straightforward contracts without any hidden details. With us, you'll always know what services you're paying for and what outcomes you can expect. We believe in staying in constant communication with our clients, and we'll keep you informed of each step we take to ensure success. You'll always have access to crucial metrics like web traffic, site rankings, and phone calls generated by your campaign. And we'll set you up with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Business Profile to give you complete control over your accounts. At Digital Harvest, we're dedicated to making your success our top priority.

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We’re the Los Lunas SEO Experts Because We’re Specialized

We understand it's tough to trust companies on the internet, but we're confident our results speak for themselves. Instead of being a jack-of-all-trades, we've honed our skills in SEO since 2009 to become true experts. Don't believe us? Google 'LOS LUNAS SEO' and see if we're on page 1. We've proved it to ourselves, and we'll prove it to you. Let us show you what sets us apart from the rest.

Los Lunas - Meet Digital Harvest

Digital Harvest was founded by Avram Gonzales to help businesses grow and thrive in the digital world. As an SEO agency guided by five unique core values, we have seen time and time again how better presence online and higher results in web search produces real-life leads, business, and success. From our personally influenced roots to our path for the future, Digital Harvest helps businesses get the online exposure they deserve.

Common Questions About SEO in Los Lunas

Los Lunas Business Owners Just Like You Have the Same Questions, Here’s Our Answers

What’s the price of your SEO services?

Think of us as something akin to a friendly doctor. When you call your doctor with symptoms, they might have an inkling about your issue, but they'll still want you in for a checkup to diagnose accurately and offer the best treatment. Our SEO services and website redesigns are quite similar. To craft a truly successful search engine optimization campaign for your Los Lunas business, we first need to chat with you and thoroughly assess your online presence and reputation. Trust us to give your digital health the attention it deserves!

How long can I expect it to take to get results with SEO in Los Lunas?

Here's some exciting news for Los Lunas business owners: due to its size and limited digital advertising, you're in a prime position to see faster results with our SEO services compared to larger cities like Albuquerque! However, keep in mind that SEO is typically a slower-paced internet marketing method. But don't worry, our skilled SEO consultants will thoroughly analyze your website and your niche competition, giving you a clear picture of the timeline to achieve improved search engine rankings. So, buckle up and get ready for an amazing digital journey with our team of experts!

Is Digital Harvest a full-service marketing agency?

At our company, we're proud to focus exclusively on Google-related services like search engine optimization and website design for local businesses. By staying laser-focused on these areas, we've truly mastered the art of helping clients get discovered online. And hey, you found us through a search, right? For other marketing needs like social media, video production, photography, and branding, we're more than happy to refer you to some of our talented and trusted partners. So, rest assured, you're in good hands with us!

Do you render SEO services in-house or subcontract?

Here's a little secret: we handle all our work in-house, unlike many competitors who outsource their SEO. Even some big agencies have humbly knocked on our door for assistance when their own campaigns fell short. Rest assured, you're in expert hands with our team!

Do you work with more than one business in the same industry in Los Lunas?

Absolutely not! In the world of ethical digital marketing, promising page one rankings for multiple businesses in the same industry in Los Lunas just doesn't sit right with us. Why? Well, there are only 10 golden spots on Google's front page for any search, and we've seen some local SEO companies try to grab them all for their clients - even if they're in direct competition. That's not how we roll in Los Lunas NM! We believe in transforming the way digital agencies do business and keeping things fair for all.

What makes Digital Harvest different than other Los Lunas SEO & web design agencies?

We're a dedicated local team, excited to get to know you better. Our friendly reps can either visit your business premises, or you can swing by our headquarters for a refreshing meetup. You know what's cool? We never chase potential clients - they come to us! Thanks to our stellar results and word-of-mouth referrals, or via people discovering us online by searching for services like 'Los Lunas SEO company' or 'website designer in Los Lunas'. Clearly, we practice what we preach and have a rock-solid record to showcase our success.

We Love Los Lunas, NM

Los Lunas has been in the news lately for their newest addition—the Facebook Data Center. But Los Lunas has been on the map long before they were Facebook famous. The land was originally granted to Don Adrian Luna Candelaria in 1716 and was a desirable plot of land due to its location on the Rio Grande River. To this day, religious folks and hikers alike flock to the nearby El Cerro de Tomé, or Tomé Hill. A remnant of New Mexico’s volcanic past, this hill is a part of the legendary trade route, El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro that stretches 1,590 miles from Mexico City to San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico. The entire trail is so significant it is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Although Los Lunas is a small city, it has rich history and maintains status as a destination for those looking to explore the “Roads Less Traveled,” which happens to be their tourism slogan!

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