Never Pay Home Advisor, Angi, or Thumbtack Again

Take control of your marketing and stop paying for shared, low-quality leads. We’ll help you build your own marketing system and become the go-to service provider in your area.

The Best Leads Come From Google SEO and Ads

Stop buying leads from 3rd party lead gen companies, and start generating your own. Build an asset you can depend on year after year to predictably scale your business.

Jeremy Was Buying Leads for $45/Each from a 3rd Party

The average job for his tree service company ranged anywhere from $1,200-2,000. Getting leads delivered via spreadsheet, sometimes several days after they’d requested a callback was problematic. The numbers still worked, but as the premium priced service in his region, he wasted a lot of time on consults with people who knew little about his brand.

To Grow from $1MM/Year to $2MM/Year…

He needed to think different and start building an asset he could depend on. Talking to other successful CEOs in his niche, they were all investing in their own websites and working with skilled agencies to dominate their service regions on Google. Dumping more money into 3rd party leads was a short-term approach with no long-term leverage.

Lead Cost Dropped to $28/Lead in the First Year

Less money spent on lead acquisition meant more wiggle room to double down on long-term goals, hiring top talent, upgrading their equipment, and more money for his household. He interviewed several companies before deciding on Digital Harvest, and chose us because we’re specialized and not a full-service agency that does it all. When he decides to sell his company, he’ll fetch a premium price because he’s building a well-recognized brand and has a website that continues to outperform every other marketing channel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does search engine optimization cost?

It depends! Larger cities and more competitive niches will always cost more to run an effective search campaign. All of our SEO campaigns are priced according to the competition, and aimed at returning a 5-10x ROI as an initial benchmark.

How long does it take to get results with SEO?

It depends! Seeing a trend yet? Competitive niches in large metropolitan areas can take 12-18 months to see significant results. Smaller towns and cities might take 6 months or less.

Does your company use white-hat or black-hat SEO strategies?

We follow only industry-standard best practices with our SEO services. Meaning, we don’t cut corners and use strategies that could get your site penalized by Google.

What makes you different from other SEO companies?

We’re specialized and don’t try to do everything. Essentially, we walk our talk. We’re big on reporting (daily) and keeping clients in the loop on what’s going on with their campaigns. Monthly and quarterly check-in meetings are another big deal for us which allows collaboration of our marketing efforts with the changes, transitions, and upgrades in your business (marketing or otherwise). We’re your small business ally.