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Website Design

Experience how modern, clean, and elegant website design gets your customers calling.

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Get your business on the map and make sure customers call you instead of your competition.

Google Adwords

Start getting high-quality leads right away with our managed Google Adwords services.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

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Define Your Needs

From your consultation call, we’ll figure out your short-term and long-term business goals so that we can better serve you.

Research and Analysis

Sit back while our team goes to work to discover areas of opportunity for your business with our complimentary video analysis.

Your Digital Marketing Plan

After you’ve reviewed our analysis, we’ll meet to discuss the comprehensive digital marketing plan for your business.

Execute the Plan

If you decide to move forward with us, we’ll shoulder the marketing burden and help you acquire more customers.

Evaluate and Adjust

We’ll be with you every step of the way with pre-scheduled meetings to check in and update you on your campaign performance.


How much does a local SEO campaign cost with Digital Harvest?

It all depends on your advertising objectives, and the competition in your city. In larger metropolitan areas or high competition services it could be thousands of dollars per month. In smaller cities like Corrales or low competition niches like pet sitting, it’s possible that you could get great results from some one-time SEO work or a small monthly budget of a couple hundred dollars.

Our SEO experts will be able to help you understand the cost and potential upside of a local SEO campaign for your business when we conduct a proper analysis of your website and the competition. Contact us for your free evaluation.

How fast can you get me results with SEO in Corrales?

It depends. Seeing a trend here yet? Once again, the larger the city and the greater the competition the longer it will take for you to see results with search engine optimization. Without getting too technical, SEO is one of the slowest forms of advertising on the internet because it takes Google 3-6 months minimum to fully recognize the efforts of SEO services and rank your website accordingly.

One of the things we commonly suggest is that small businesses also utilize Google PPC ads (which we also offer) in conjunction with SEO so that they can make some quick wins while the search campaign takes time to ramp up.

Are you a full-service digital marketing company?

No. We believe that if you try to do everything, you’ll do nothing well. We have such a great reputation as an SEO company in Corrales because we are so highly specialized in this particular channel. We pour a significant amount of time, money, and resources into additional training, masterminds, and education for our employees to stay at the top of our game which changes very quickly in today’s age.

If you want more than just local SEO, Google ads, and website design – we have trusted partners that we’ve worked with for years who we can refer you to. They’re like us and are highly specialized in Facebook ads, video marketing, graphic design & branding. Together, we can help you achieve any marketing goal you desire.

Does your SEO agency fulfill all services in house?

Yes. Our SEO consultants are 100% focused on providing excellent SEO services in Corrales and there’s no way that we could do that by sending the work to someone else. We have our own proprietary processes that we use for all of our clients and we’d never share them with someone who wasn’t part of our company. In order to maintain control of that process, we perform all aspects of your campaign personally.

Are your SEO services exclusive or do you work with multiple companies in the same niche?

An entire section of our contract with you outlines the exclusivity of our services. We will never work with another company that offers the same services in your city at the same time. This is a good question to ask every SEO agency that you consider working with and if the answer is anything other than 100% exclusive, you should run for the hills.

The reason for this is because there are only 10 spots for any given keyword search on Google. Promising top rankings for multiple people is not only ludicrous, it’s highly unethical.

What makes Digital Harvest different than other Corrales web design & SEO companies?

Well, for starters, when you search for a term like ‘Corrales SEO’ or ‘Corrales SEO company’ or ‘Corrales SEO Expert’ we actually show up on the top search results over our competitors. Everyone claims to be the best at search engine optimization, but if they can’t get their website to rank above the other SEO companies that also claim they’re the best… how can they possibly promise you the same result?

Beyond this we aim to crush our competition through transparency and communication. Often times we’ll communicate the answers to your questions before you have to ask them. We report progress on your website rankings daily so you can hold us accountable in real-time. Finally, our SEO consultants will meet with you on a monthly basis to review major milestones, campaign progress, and more.

We ❤️ Corrales NM

We love the Village of Corrales because it feels rural, even though it’s in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area. So, you get all the advantages of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho nearby, but also the small town vibes many people crave. Dating all the way back to 500 A.D. people have inhabited this area, due to its prime location on the Rio Grande River. One place that makes us feel the essence of Corrales is the Casa Perea Art Space. It’s now an event venue, a folk art store, and a museum. But the original buildings were built in around 1850! Corrales Bistro and Brewery is a place we love for their amazing “from scratch” food and daily live entertainment.  And the Corrales Grower’s Market is a farmer’s market you simply must go to for sustainable, locally grown food and live music to boot.