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What Clients are Saying About Our Bernalillo Services

Avram and his team have been great to deal with! The Google 360 tour they did for us helped increase our Google traffic by over 40% and has more than doubled the number of closed deals we get through online channels.

Michael S. , Co-Owner

SEO & Web Design for Bernalillo Small Businesses

Digital Marketing Solutions for All Stages of Growth

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GMB Optimization

Establish and optimize your Google Business Listing so people can find you in search results.

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Review Marketing

Get your business on the map and make sure customers call you instead of your competition.

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SEO Startup

Clean up and expand your online presence so you're found more frequently and prepare for growth.

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SEO Campaigns

Sustainable year-over-year pipeline growth you can predict, plan for, and depend on.

Want to Know More About Our SEO Services?

We're Not Your Average Bernalillo SEO Company

Here’s How We’ve Outgrown Our Competition

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SEO Services We Help You Understand

SEO is confusing—we get it! But we are not one of those SEO companies that will charge you an arm and a leg and ask you to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. We love educating our clients, taking them through each step of what we are doing and why. Our work doesn’t mean anything unless it produces results for your business, so we want you to know what you can expect. And, it’s our goal that we communicate proactively before you even have a question. When you work with Digital Harvest, you’ll never wonder where you are at with your campaign, and you can expect to hear from us weekly.

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Transparent Search Engine Optimization Campaigns

At Digital Harvest, we care deeply about transparency. From the start, we provide clients with a clear contract with no fine print. Our clients know exactly what they’re paying for and the results they can expect. We communicate with you every step of the way, providing tracking and reporting of the metrics that matter to you, like the number of phone calls, web visits, and site rankings that can be attributed to your campaign. And, we want to make sure you have full access to everything we create, so we set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google My Business, so you can view progress on your own at any time and have control over your accounts.

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We’re the Bernalillo SEO Experts Because We’re Specialized

Not sure if we’re the real deal? We get it! It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there on the internet. But we hope that our own results should prove to you, we practice what we preach. If we say we’re the best, we should be able to give our own business those same results, right? Give it a try. Google ‘BERNALILLO SEO’ and see if you can find us on page 1. We’re the best at what we do because we’ve been doing it since 2009, and it’s all we do. We’ve chosen to specialize in SEO instead of being a full-service digital marketing agency so we can genuinely be the experts. And, if we can do it for ourselves, you know we can do it for you.

Bernalillo - Meet Digital Harvest

Digital Harvest was founded by Avram Gonzales to help businesses grow and thrive in the digital world. As an SEO agency guided by five unique core values, we have seen time and time again how better presence online and higher results in web search produces real-life leads, business, and success. From our personally influenced roots to our path for the future, Digital Harvest helps businesses get the online exposure they deserve.

Common Questions About SEO in Bernalillo

Bernalillo Business Owners Just Like You Have the Same Questions, Here’s Our Answers

What’s the price of your SEO services?

Imagine us as your friendly website health experts! Just like when you call a doctor and share your symptoms, they need to see you in person to give a precise diagnosis and treatment plan. Similarly, we can't provide the perfect SEO strategy or website revamp for your Bernalillo business without an in-depth chat and thorough online audit. Let's catch up and assess your online presence together to deliver the best possible results for your success!

How long can I expect it to take to get results with SEO in Bernalillo?

Great news for businesses in Bernalillo! The smaller city size and less competition in digital advertising means quicker results with our SEO services compared to bigger cities like Albuquerque. Keep in mind, though, SEO is a bit like a fine wine – it takes time to see its full effect on search engine rankings, typically 3-6 months. Don't worry, our professional SEO consultants will analyze your website and competition to give you a clearer idea of the timeline. So, let's get started and up that digital game in Bernalillo!

Is Digital Harvest a full-service marketing agency?

When it comes to helping local businesses get found online, we are the experts. Our team specializes in search engine optimization and website design so that your business succeeds on Google - where most customers start their journey. We don't spread ourselves thin trying everything; instead, our focus allows us to be true masters at what we do best! And if you need any other kind of marketing help outside of our expertise? Don't worry, just let us know – there's a good chance one of our trusted partners can provide exceptional service for those needs as well.

Do you render SEO services in house or subcontract?

At our company, we pride ourselves on handling all aspects of our work internally. You might be astonished to learn that quite a few renowned agencies often seek our expertise in SEO consulting, especially when they're struggling to deliver results for their clients. Unlike them, we never outsource our search engine optimization services, ensuring you receive top-quality work from our dedicated team.

Do you work with more than one business in the same industry in Bernalillo?

Absolutely not! Promising page one rankings for numerous businesses in the same industry within Bernalillo is highly unethical, due to the limited 10 spots on Google's front page for any search. Unfortunately, we're aware of several local SEO firms who accept payments from competing companies and make these unrealistic promises. We're on a mission to revolutionize the approach of digital agencies in Bernalillo, NM, and conduct business with integrity and fairness.

What makes Digital Harvest different than other Bernalillo SEO & web design agencies?

Greetings! As a local company, our friendly representatives are more than happy to meet you at your Bernalillo business or welcome you at our headquarters. We're proud to say that our clients come to us through referrals and SEO rankings, showcasing our successful track record and establishing us as a reliable choice for services like website design and SEO in the Bernalillo area. We're excited to meet you and show you just how much we can walk the talk, together.

We Love Bernalillo, NM

Nestled against the Sandia Mountains, along the banks of the Rio Grande, Bernalillo is a New Mexican town we just treasure. This small town knows how to throw some truly impressive events—the Mountain West Brew Fest being one of our favorites! The Bernalillo Indian Arts Festival is a source of local pride and a celebration of Native American Arts. And of all things, Bernalillo hosts the Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival too! The patron saint of Bernalillo, San Lorenzo, plays a large role in the local culture. Las Fiestas de San Lorenzo bring people from all around to see the Matachines dances. We also love that Bernalillo is just 15 miles from Albuquerque, so all the state’s largest city has to offer is not far away.

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