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Why Your Website Isn’t Ranking on Google (for Local Biz) | The Complete Guide


Why Your Website Isn’t Ranking on Google (for Your Local Biz)

Want to know why your website isn’t ranking on Google for your local business? It comes down to two main factors we’ll discuss in today’s video.

Why isn’t your website showing up in Google search? Why isn’t it ranking for your local business in the search terms that matter to you? That’s the question we’re constantly answering at Digital Harvest when clients come to us looking for help with search engine optimization. In this video, I’m gonna break down exactly what Google is looking for to help determine whether your website or competitors shows up higher in Google.

And then we’re gonna take these two elements, break them down further, you’re on the whiteboard, and help you understand what goes into making up this equation so that you have a better idea of how you, your staff, or if you hire an agency, shouldn’t be focusing their time to help you achieve the result, which is more people finding your services online.

Let’s jump into it right away. So in previous videos, I’ve talked about this, but I’m gonna bring it up again because it’s important for this conversation. The two element. That influence Google’s trust of you. Cuz remember Google’s objective is to help the searcher find the result in as few clicks as possible.

So they want that number one result to be the best match for the user, and they’re always trying to make sure that the top 10 is full of results that users are actually looking for. The two things that make the biggest impact and where you can focus your energy and efforts are on the irrelevance of your website as well.

The authority of your website. There are two ways to influence this, and I’m gonna break it down in as simple means as possible. With any industry, even your own, there are nuances to this stuff. There’s a deep dive on every single one of these things that’s available. But I have found in my own business, if I just understand the why behind what’s going on, it helps me better understand and be okay with whatever the actions are.

They’re being taken as long as they align with these elements, so we have the relevance. Let’s talk about relevance. You see this number here, it says 10 verses a hundred. Recently talked to a dentist here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I was wondering why their website doesn’t show up for anything in Google search.

I looked at their website and what did I find? I found that there were maybe four or five pages on the website that describe what they do, and there was no extra information about the individual services that they offered, so they had literally. Bullet points about the different services they offer, and that was it.

When you look at their competitors, so this was the person that I talked to when you look at their competitors, they had this going on literally dozens, and in some cases, hundreds of pages on their website, whether it was service pages, location pages, well not in the case of this dentist, uh, blog post.

Other types of content and written words, photos, all these different things on the website that help Google understand why their website is relevant for a Google search. So if somebody was searching for teeth whitening and it was nowhere to be found on this website, they had 10 pages, but they could find teeth whitening information on dozens of pages here, which website do you think Google would be more likely to recommend.

the one that has spent more time and energy talking about those things that the searcher is actually looking for. You’re demonstrating that your website is relevant by adding more information. Google can’t think the way that we think is humans, so it’s just trying to evaluate based off of what it can see, where it should place you in search.

This is the first place that you can start. It’s the easiest thing for you to do. All other things being equal, this will really move the needle for your business. Adding more pages with relevant content is always going to help your business show up in Google search. It’s also gonna help your Google Maps listing as well.

This last piece here, we’re gonna talk about the authority, and you see I’ve, I’ve, I’ve drawn some circles here. I have a great story as a metaphor that I share frequently. I’m gonna share it with you now about how Google rates the authority of your website. I want you to think back right now to when you were in high school.

Wow. Maybe some time for some of us. Can you picture in your mind who the most popular guy or who the most popular girl was in high school? Well, I can remember one of the most popular kids. His name was Zach. He joined us in eighth grade. He moved from Chicago. He was the new kid on the block, and boy did he make some friends pretty quickly being the new kid, also being just a charming, great guy.

Zach had all of these friends indicated by these circles very quickly, but you know, when he became very popular, it’s when he started. dating a cheerleader and I doing some of the jocks, plugging into other people’s networks who were already popular that are now friends with him. So when you think about popularity, what really makes up popularity?

It’s not only the number of people that are talking about something or someone, but also who is talking about that something or someone in this case, all it. Was dating somebody really popular for him to instantly become more popular. If you think about websites in this exact same way, the way that you can show Google that you are the authority that you should be trusted is based off of how other websites refer to and talk about your website and furthermore, your business as a brand.

And so Google is looking. , other websites that are linking to your website, and it’s grading them in, evaluating them based on who their friends are, who’s talking about them, how long they’ve been around. Maybe they’re a really great relevant website that is now linking to your website that’s in the same industry.

This is the basic, most simplified version I can come up with and how Google actually works, and that’s why I wanted to share this video with you here today, because these two. Are very much within your control, and whether you’re doing it in-house or you’re having somebody else do it, if they’re not focused in these two areas, they’re gonna have a very hard time achieving the result that you want, which is better search engine results, more phone calls and more people inquiring about your services for your locally based business.

If you got questions, post them the comments below. If you found value in this, please subscribe to our channel. Catch us on social media. Get the word out. Share this information with other business owners, and if you’re interested in working and partnering with an agency that’s been doing search engine optimization for about a decade now, just reach out to us, schedule a call.

We’d love to chat with you and see how we can help you reach your goals. With that, I’ll catch you on the next one. Bye for now.


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