May 16

Pick Up the Dang Phone! (not what you think it is) – Episode 5 #SmallBusinessTips


There are some things in business that seem super obvious that you shouldn’t even have to bring it up – and this is one of them.

When I first moved to Albuquerque, NM, I had no idea who to turn to for many of the common home and health services that I’d gotten used to growing up in Colorado.

I had to find a new chiropractor, dentist, arborist, HVAC company, pest control, and all that stuff.

As I made calls to find my new chiropractor, something interesting happened.

I called the first office – no answer, no callback.

I called the second office – the receptionist was kind of a jerk.

I called the third office – they didn’t call me back for TWO DAYS

I called the fourth office – they picked up right away, they were courteous and kind, and they got me scheduled for my first appointment.


If you want to succeed in this market, all you have to do is pick up the phone and receive the incoming business.

While this video focuses on how important it is to pick up the dang phone, it’s more about being responsive and being FAST in how you handle incoming business.

If you don’t answer the phone, that email, or that inquiry in a timely manner – you’re going to lose a lot of potential business to your customers.

It sounds simple, and it’s easy to do – but are you doing it?

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