June 8

How to Constantly Fill Your Pipeline with Stable Table Marketing | Episode 8 #SmallBusinessTips Series


What would happen to your business if you lost your #1 lead source or marketing channel?

You’d probably freak out, right? 😳

For many businesses, this would account for half or more of their revenue evaporating overnight.

In the early 2000s, Google Adwords was like the wild wild west of internet marketing and savvy business owners cleaned up for several years until the inevitable happened:

More people caught on, more businesses started advertising, and the cost of advertising went through the roof.

Business owners who had relied on Google Adwords to generate leads for their business, and had thrived with them, were now left scrambling to find somewhere else to fill the gap while revenues tanked.

➡️What’s working today may not work tomorrow.
➡️What you have today may be gone tomorrow.
➡️And everything can change in an instant, for an unimaginable number of reasons.

Which is why…

  1. You should always be looking at and exploring new marketing channels.
  2. You need to practice Stable Table marketing.

The video explains more, but Stable Table marketing is really simple:

💡A stable table has FOUR legs. Anything less and it starts to wobble.

💡Each leg of the table represents one way that you generate new business.

💡This could be anything from referral marketing, to FB ads, to direct mail.

In the beginning you may only have one or two solid legs under your table.

If you want to stand the test of time, keep trying new forms of advertising and marketing until you find four solid channels that you know you can rely on.

Gosh forbid you lose one of those legs overnight – you’ll still have a few good ones to stand on.

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