June 18

How Creating Community Leads to More Referrals | Episode 11 #SmallBusinessTips Series


I had a chiropractor client years ago that had deployed a BRILLIANT strategy (without even knowing it) that’s one of the coolest marketing ideas I’ve ever seen in action.

With a little bit of creativity, I think any business owner can employ the same strategy to grow a community around their business and reap the rewards. So lets talk about that!

Along with her chiropractic business, she collaborated with a nutritionist, massage therapist, and an acupuncturist to form a healing center where people could seek treatment for a variety of different symptoms.

Because their center was focused on wellness at all levels, they decided it would be fun to host a monthly raw food potluck and invite all their clients to come and contribute.

Also, anybody who was not a client was welcome to come.
And invitees were encouraged to bring any friends or family members who wanted to contribute and partake.

They hosted the event at their space and it was a super low-key event where people got to share their love for food, integrated wellness, and a healthy lifestyle.

This was a brilliant way for people to meet the owners and practitioners working at the healing center in a low-pressure environment and get to know them on a personal level.

Over time, this event translated into dozens upon dozens of high-quality referrals and thousands of dollars in new revenue.

I think this strategy is extremely powerful in the health and wellness niches, but can be applied to just about anything with enough creative thinking.

✅Pet store owners should create their own doggie playdate meet ups.

✅Contractors can host do-it-yourself workshops once a month, or once per quarter.

✅Fitness professionals should create a hiking or cycling club.

You get the idea.

Choose something that’s somewhat related to what you do, then create an event around it that’s free or super low-cost.

If you can create a community around your business, you’ll start to receive referrals and extra business from all kinds of people that you’d not normally meet or ever do business with otherwise.

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