May 4

Foot in the Door Marketing Explained | Episode 21 #SmallBusinessTips Series


Foot in the door style marketing is a great strategy to acquire customers and clients more quickly, especially for businesses that have a higher priced product or service.

It’s happening all around you, all the time.

Think about the ‘free trial’ we’ve come so accustomed to seeing with online subscription services.

Think about the restaurant that offers a free drink along with purchase of an entree.

And it doesn’t always have to be giving something away for free.

In my business, we have a couple of ‘a-la-carte’ services that people can purchase for very little money and receive a tremendous value add. They’re automatically included in our monthly retainer services, but we’ve split them out into their own.

For example, review management services. My company can help businesses get more reviews on Google – and we can do that for under $100/m. It’s low risk and high reward for the client.

Once you’ve got your ‘foot in the door’ with your new client, you’re able to earn their trust, get them a great result, and then begin offering additional services for purchase.

What’s something your business offers as a foot in the door offer? If you’re not sure what yours is, let me know what type of business you have and I’ll offer some suggestions.

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