December 27

Five Reasons to Join the Local Chamber of Commerce | Episode 15 #SmallBusinessTips Series


Why join the local Chamber of Commerce? If you’re an SMB (and especially so if you’re just starting out) I can think of at least 5 important reasons you might want to consider joining your local chamber or at least checking it out.

Since coming to New Mexico the Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce has been a huge blessing for me both personally and professionally.

1. Exposure

If people don’t know that your business exists, how can they possibly hire you or refer you? At your local chamber event you have the opportunity to interact with a ton of business owners that you wouldn’t normally see otherwise.

2. Resources

Most chambers have special access to programs or partners who can help you with marketing, accounting, financing and much more. These programs are often free or very low cost and most folks don’t know they even exist (yet alone take advantage of them).

3. Support

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey! Your new friends and acquaintances at the chamber can help you through challenges in a way that your non-business friends or family could never relate to or understand.

4. Referrals

We go to networking events because of two reasons – to meet people and socialize and to hopefully make a good contact that will turn into business. What people don’t realize is that the magic happens when you stop trying to sell to the people in the room, and instead form relationships with them and sell THROUGH them to their contacts.

5. Opportunity

You just never know who you’ll meet today that could turn into something 5 years from now. Plant seeds and begin forming relationships with other chamber members so that you’re top of mind when something comes across their desk that you’d be a good fit for!

Most cities have some sort of Chamber of Commerce and some are more active than others.

My favorites in the Albuquerque metro area are:

Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce:
Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce:

Check them out and drop in on their free events to get a feel for what they’re like if you’re in the area and have never been. You’ll never grow until you go!

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