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Brooke Bailey Portraits Review – Testimonial by Avram Gonzales


Brooke Bailey Portraits Testimonial

I got my photos back from Brooke (BrookeBaileyPortraits.com) a few days ago and wanted to share what that experience was like in case maybe you’re thinking about working with her and updating your branding and imagery for your business, your personal brand, and so forth.

Brooke Bailey Portraits Did Three Things Really Well

And so three things really stuck out to me and my experience with Brooke versus other photographers

 Brooke Did a Thorough Brand Intake

First thing outta the gate was a big deal for me. The intake that she performed really helped me feel at ease, knowing that she was asking all the right questions to help bring the brand to life in the imagery that she was gonna capture during the photo shoot. So I’ve had experiences in the past where worked with other photographers, where they pushed me in a direction that I was kind of uncomfortable with and wasn’t really authentic to me and my brand.

And I ended up not even using the photos. What a shame, right? Total opposite with Brooke, so felt very comfortable from the beginning there.

Brooke Went Through My Closet and Assembled All the Looks for the Shoot

Second thing that she did to put me at ease was went through my closet and curated all the outfits we were gonna use on shoot day. So I wasn’t worried about if you know what I chose was gonna come out great or work with our brand.

Took all that guesswork out. Just going through and putting together all the outfits. All I had to do was bring them show up on photo shoot day and it was a done deal.

Brooke Put Me at Ease With Posing Guidance

The last thing that she did that was pretty powerful for me was really gave me the guidance and the, uh, the counsel during the shoot, helping me pose, helping me, um, emote the way that, uh, Would translate well into the, the photography for the brand, the website, the online presence, the social media, all those different applications.

And so at the end of the day, it was really hard to narrow down the photos from what was shot into the package that we brought home with us.

And I think that’s just a testament to Brook’s work her attention to detail, the professionalism and timeliness, everything that goes into putting together a great shoot with a great outcome.

Brooke Bailey Portraits Experience in Review

She made it really hard to choose our photos and so big shout out to Brooke Bailey Portraits. You killed it. We’ll be back. So excited and happy with our imagery and if you’re considering a photographer to help elevate your brand, put you at ease and get a great shot. She’s your gal.

Brooke Bailey Portraits
6000 Hemlock Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114
(505) 810-9187

Headshots and Portraits From Avram’s Collection

Below are just a few of the over 40 photos that came from our shoot. We also had photos taken for Rachel Gonzales, the two of us together for Digital Harvest, and photos for the Babies & Business Podcast.


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