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Why Do Entrepreneurs Struggle to Scale? | Episode 16 #SmallBusinessTips


Most entrepreneurs struggle to scale their business because they fail to pay attention to and execute on this one thing…

It’s the reason so many entrepreneurs are constantly changing hats and running around like a chicken with their head cut off.

One minute they’re the sales person and the next minute they’re processing payroll.

It’s the reason that when the company grows and they hire people, they make less money than they did when they first got started and it was just them.

Instead of serving clients themselves, they spend all their time telling employees how to do it. Over and over again. They don’t actually get any time freedom back because employees get stuck when they’re not there to answer questions.

The solution to this madness is simple:

Create effective systems and processes that allow the business to run itself so you can shift from being the ‘technician’ and become the business owner.

It’s the only way to go from the business owning you, your time, and your schedule – to having real time freedom and flexibility to work ON the business instead of in it.

Every business caps out in their growth if the systems in place are dysfunctional, or non-existent.

The ‘E-Myth’ gives us a completely different perspective on business than most owners begin with.

When I read it, it changed me as an entrepreneur.

When I implemented just a few things from the book, such as getting clear on my companies’ organization structure BEFORE we’re ready to hire for the new positions was a total game-changer.

Essentially, I ‘grew up’ as a small business and soared to new levels of professionalism and growth.

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