Done For You: Review Management Services for Companies at All Stages of Growth

Review Management is a time-consuming, but extremely valuable asset to any company. Regardless of your company’s size, staying connected and up-to-date with all your reviews, responding to negativity, and highlighting success is essential to digital growth.

New Mexico Review Management Service Packages

Google My Business (GMB) can produce exponential results for your organic leads, especially if a professional is managing your reviews.

Digital Harvest GMB Service Packages

Basic Package
$299+$150/m fee
  • – Customized Email Follow-Ups
  • – Basic Software Integration
  • – Weekly Reporting & Analytics
  • – Real-Time Customer Feedback
  • – Fully Automated
Advanced Package
$1,000$500/m fee
  • – All Pro Package Features
  • – Custom Branded Review Social Posts
  • – Downloadable Photo Reviews
  • – Fully Automated

1) BASIC Package - Review Management

Why Might My Company Need The BASIC Review Management Package?

As a business owner, anything you can take off your plate and put onto ours will bring back some of that valuable time lost to these daily tasks. Our professionals offer impeccable management, and this is package is perfect for the smaller businesses just getting going.

Basic Package Includes:

Customized Email Follow-Ups

We send custom email responses to each customer that submits a review to create personal connections and maintain customer loyalty.

Weekly Reporting & Analytics

Each week we review analytics and provide a comprehensive report, allowing us to focus in on any areas that may require extra attention and provide detailed results of progress. 

Fully Automated

Our automated system allows us to produce results at an exponential rate compared to those managing reviews themselves.

Integration w/ QuickBooks or Google Drive

We integrate your review service system with your Google Drive or Quickbooks account, keeping you organized and recording references for all interactions when unforeseen issues may require documenation.

Real-Time Customer Feedback

We provide an opportunity for real-time feedback from your customers, allowing the opportunity to address any potential issues on a same-day basis.

2) PRO Package - Review Management

Why Would My Company Need The PRO Review Management Package?

Our Pro Review Management Package offers next-level and innovative solutions for review management. This is for those who take their reviews seriously, and could benefit from extended support.

Pro Package Includes:

All Basic Package Features

Including Custom Email Follow-Ups, Integration with Quickbooks/Google Drive, Weekly Analytic Reports, Real-Time Feedback, and Full Automation.

Text Message Follow-Ups

Our modern solution to directly contacting your customers, reinforcing the relationship of loyalty and trust that you’ve worked so hard to build.

Managed Review Responses

Our quality control and content creation team work together to ensure the most reliable response system possible.

3) ADVANCED Package - Review Management

Why Might My Company Need The Advanced Review Management Package?

Perfect for businesses that can’t afford or don’t require a full-blown SEO package and want the extra compounding exposure that a managed Google My Business listing can provide. Let us do the heavy lifting and continually update your GMB with fresh content using Google posts, targeting specific keywords and areas where your best customers are living and searching for your services.

Advanced Package Includes:

All Pro Package Features

This includes all Basic Package features, as well as Text Message Follow-Ups & Managed Review Responses.

Branded Review Social Posts

10 Branded Review Templates For Use On Social Media Platforms (Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter)

Downloadable Photo Reviews

You work hard to get positive reviews, the world deserves to see those! Our team creates custom photo reviews that you can use anywhere, and show off the love that’s been shared with you!