September 16

Meet Richard Yanez | Media Maximizer


As Digital Harvest continues to grow, we are so thankful that our team gains amazing new members like Richard Yanez. Rich’s official title is “Media Maximizer” and that’s because he adds his art skills to many of our projects, plus is just a natural at all things media related. 

A Day in the Life of Media Maximizer

One of the qualities that Rich brings to the team could actually be considered many qualities—it’s that he’s a man of many talents. Customers might have seen Rich’s work when they order an SEO package which includes an animated video promoting their business. That’s all Rich! Other clients have encountered his work as he attends events for our local-to-Albuquerque customers and takes photos and videos. 

And anyone who has looked around the Digital Harvest website or follows us on social media has come across Rich’s video editing work with our core values videos, and other videos as well.

And, when he’s not sharing his skills with the Digital Harvest team, Rich is also a notary, teaches fitness classes, makes custom hand-painted shoes, and is a dad of two and husband.

Maximizer in Other Words

We’ve talked about in past blogs about how we use the Clifton Strengths Finder test to learn more about our team members and make sure they’re set up for success by utilizing their strengths. Well, it might not come as a surprise to you that Rich’s first strength is Maximizer. And, it’s no accident that this strength is in his title, because it so accurately sums up one of our favorite things about Rich. The test describes,

“A maximizer focuses on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence. [A maximizer] seeks to transform something strong into something superb.”

This is exactly what Rich does, as he elevates client deliverables with this art and media skills. And Rich is always eager to take on a new task, even if it’s outside the realm of what he’s created in the past. He thrives on our core value “The Answers are Within.” Rich shared, 

“What I like most about working for Digital Harvest, and ‘The Answers are Within’ is knowing that I have the power to get things done, the way I see fit, without much input from everybody else. I like being trusted throughout the process, and that I’m allowed the freedom and control throughout the process—beginning to end.”

A Wise Word For the Up-and-Coming

Since Rich recently took the leap to being self-employed, he’s in a great position to share advice with other creatives and freelancers looking to make the same leap. Rich explains,

“Becoming a freelancer or self-employed is a scary thing. It’s definitely a leap of faith that you have to take. Maybe other places you’ve been restricted and haven’t really been able to perform the way you know you can perform. Freelancing, you get to discover a lot of things that you didn’t know you could do… I think that it’s really important for somebody working for themselves to figure out where they want to go and what they want to do with their skill sets.”

There you have it, friends! You can see why we love having Rich on the team. Chances are if you order an SEO package or website package, you’ll encounter Rich’s amazing work, even if you don’t interact with him in person. Feel free to welcome him officially to the team in the comments!


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