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Meet Jesse Catarinen – Executive Assistant

Anyone that’s ever had an assistant knows how incredibly vital they are to any team. And anyone who’s ever been an assistant knows how remarkable it is to be able to support an idea and a group you care about. And that’s why executive assistant, Jesse Catarinen, is such a gift to our team at Digital Harvest!

Woman on a Mission

The thing we love the most about Jesse? She’s not afraid to take on any task, even when that means learning new skills or trying her hand at something she hasn’t had the opportunity to do before. Jesse’s take-on-the-world attitude helps keep our heads on straight and our clients happy.

Jesse majored in both business administration and marketing in school, and she’s been a virtual assistant for four years. She’s also coming up on one year with Digital Harvest. She handles a lot of the daily tasks like managing emails, market research, and other administrative tasks. Jesse also takes on more specialized tasks like web development and creating 3D virtual tours.

In fact, Jesse shared when she created her first 3D virtual tour, she was very intimidated by the assignment since you create them on a sophisticated application she’d never used before. But, after a tutorial from owner Avram Gonzales, some hands-on learning, and a few tries, she nailed it! And now, creating 3D virtual tours is Jesse’s favorite thing to do for Digital Harvest.

A Day in the Life, and a Word of Advice

Jesse lives in the Philippines, and as a virtual assistant can work from anywhere. So, before COVID times, one of Jesse’s favorite things to do was take her laptop to the beach and work from there. With our very landlocked, desert headquarters in Albuquerque, NM, the rest of us are pretty jealous!

When Jesse’s not working as a virtual assistant, you can find her hanging out with her friends, her family, and her boyfriend. She loves to spend free time going to the ice skating rink and going to coffee shops and listening to jazz music while enjoying her coffee. And her ideal date is getting to go out of town and travel to the beach. 

If Jesse could offer advice to other virtual assistants out there, she would tell them:

“Don’t ever say no to a task. It will help you learn new skills. Learning new skills means having more hours and more hours means more money!” 

Makes a lot of sense to us! And we definitely appreciate that Jesse is such a hard worker. We are so thankful to have Jesse on the team and love her enthusiasm to grow professionally as well as help build Digital Harvest and set our clients up for success!

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