October 21

Meet Chris Jewell – Lead Graphic Designer


At Digital Harvest, our goal is always to grow and expand our offerings, and increase the quality
and level of expertise of the work we provide. And to do that, we have to have an amazing team
of like-minded individuals with different skills. That’s why we are so excited to have Chris Jewell
working with us, sharing his knowledge and creativity!

CJ recently graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in graphic design. But while
digital creating is what he spent the majority of time studying in school, much of his user
interface (UI) experience has been self-taught. CJ is so into design that even when he’s
perusing the menu at his favorite restaurant or browsing Instagram, he’s still considering design.

So it only makes sense that his passion would spill over into web design. CJ also loves
marketing and his skills are a great asset to us here at Digital Harvest.

But, what’s more remarkable about CJ than the skills he brings to the table is his incredible
attitude. To CJ, attitude is everything, and something he believes we can all control. Choosing
to smile, be positive, take risks, and be a clear communicator are core values for CJ, and we
just love that!

Project Highlights

Currently, CJ is excited about growing his marketing and design skills by helping out Digital
Harvest clients. For CJ, using his skill set to influence lives—by helping businesses go from
survivable sales to wildly successful, is the goal.

Aside from Digital Harvest projects, CJ shared with us one of his favorite recent projects. The
client was a jewelry maker who had been selling jewelry on Etsy but wanted to up the ante with
an e-commerce website. CJ got to see the project through from start to finish, in all its parts and
pieces—including logo design, type, colors, website backend and frontend, social media, SEO,
and marketing strategy. You can view this project, and many others, at christopherjewelldesign.com.
This just one example of CJ using his skill set to help someone else

CJ also recently updated the Digital Harvest logo which you can read about here <—

To All the Other Designers Out There…

When we asked CJ if he had any advice for other digital/creative professionals, he shared these
wise thoughts,

As a designer, there is a certain pressure. You want every project to be amazing. But
deadlines, budgets, and client perspectives are a real thing. You have to separate yourself from
the ego and remember that even though you want a perfect design, remember data over
design, function over form, and a happy client over a flawless (to you) design.

We’re certainly thankful to have CJ on the Digital Harvest team. For our clients that need web
design, graphic design, or marketing assistance, chances are you will get to work with CJ, and
we guarantee you’ll have a great experience!


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