April 12

How to Organize Your Sales & Communication Followup | Episode 17 #SmallBusinessTips


Keeping everything written down on paper, sticky notes, or on Google drive is a surefire way to let leads and warm prospects fall through the cracks.

You won’t believe how much money you’re leaving on the table and how many sales opportunities you miss because you didn’t have a proper system in place to follow up with prospects.

A couple things you’ll have to do to move from novice to expert are:

1. Use a CRM tool to assist you in your sales activities

2. The willpower to learn it and stick to it for a few months

It doesn’t matter which system you choose to use, be it Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho etc. What matters is you start playing with and learning one right away.

Last thing, and I think it goes without saying, the $30-50/m entry level for these tools is plenty worth it for the serious salesperson, unless you’re slinging $2 tacos.

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