June 15

Get More Business with Free Speaking | Episode 27 #SmallBusinessTips Series


Running the ‘Rubber Chicken Circuit’ to build your business…

You know those events…

The ones where they feed you for free, and there’s some sort of speaker or presenter that’s scheduled to come teach and entertain you?

While I poke fun in this video, they’re actually a great way to get more exposure for your business and build into your community while building a community.

You never know who is in the audience, and you never know who your audience knows.

You establish instant credibility and don’t have to spend any time, energy or advertising dollars to fill the room with an interested audience.

So, how do you find places that you can speak?

Look at sites like Meetup, think of industry associations that could benefit from your talk, and of course local chambers of commerce and then reach out.

Start there, and also start asking around. Also, if you can do something for real estate, most agencies are open to bringing in quality free education for their agents.

Getting letters of recommendation from the first places you speak can be a huge advantage for getting into others when you make your ask.

This strategy is of course most useful for specialized industries and consulting companies, but if you’re a little creative it could work in many others.

What tips do you have for growing your business through free local speaking events?

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