June 8

Extending Your Network|Episode 26 #SmallBusinessTips Series


I’ve found a way to build trust with my prospects and referral partners at a much faster pace than many of my colleagues because of one stupid simple strategy.

It’s also incredibly obvious, which is the reason why it’s regularly overlooked.

If I’ve established a positive connection with someone that I met through networking, I add them on social media. (Important tip: go to where THEY are, not necessarily where you’re most comfortable)

Then, I do my best to document and post content on a handful of social media sites where I’m connected with my prospects, networking partners, and clients.

You’re thinking duh Avram I’m already doing that… but are you?

Are you doing it in a focused, concentrated, and intentional way?

You’ve heard the statistic before that it takes 7-12 ‘touches’ in order to close a sale (or something like that)

Instead of closing sales, think about it in terms of ‘closing’ someone on trusting you? Do you think they’d be more likely or less likely to refer you business?

When people see even just a handful of posts from you over time it naturally quickens their trust with you and how much they like you.

Instead of meeting you a couple times per year at the local chamber event, they feel like they get to see you all the time – so you stay top of mind.

Do you practice this method or something like it? Do you have any tips you’d like to add?

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