June 24

Close More Sales by Switching to Consultative Selling | Episode 12 #SmallBusinessTips Series


Your customers want more from you than just your products and services.

🙌They want to feel heard.
👍They want to feel understood.
👊They want to feel confident about the decision they made to work with you!

This is the difference between the old paradigms of selling and the new.

As customers become smarter, more sophisticated, and savvy to traditional selling approaches (ie: transactional selling) the only way that’s left to differentiate yourself is through consultative selling.

What is consultative selling?

It’s the process of:

1️⃣Asking Questions
2️⃣Uncovering Problems & Desires
3️⃣Customizing Solutions

It’s also a process that is devoid of ‘hard-closing’ and is all about empowering your customers and clients to choose the right option for themselves.

For example, if you worked with an insurance agent to get the proper coverage for your business, you would expect them to ask a lot of questions (and know exactly which questions to ask!) in order to determine what coverages you require.

In fact, if that agent uncovered something vital that your business needed, that another agent missed, you would probably go with that agent.


Because they’ve demonstrated knowledge and expertise in regards to your needs as a business owner.

Any chance you can get to properly demonstrate your knowledge and experience BEFORE the sale is made is an opportunity to win your customers over.

Find ways to move from transactional (old-school) methods of selling into a consultative approach and you’ll find that your customers stick with you longer, spend more money, and refer you more frequently.

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