May 11

Active vs Passive Marketing | Episode 22 #SmallBusinessTips Series


Businesses that concurrently engage in both Active and Passive marketing methods will consistently grow over time in a sustainable and predictable way.

Doing just one or the other will lead to burnout, roller coaster revenue from month to month, and failure to launch.

Active marketing: You have to take the same actions over and over again in order to get the results. If you stop doing it, the results disappear immediately.

Examples of active marketing: door hangers, TV commercials, PPC advertising, fliers and direct mail.

Passive marketing: These are things you do once and they continue to generate results. Or, it takes very little effort to maintain once you get it off the ground.

Examples of passive marketing: Ranking your website on Google, ranking your video on Youtube, developing strong referral networks.

You can see how working at least one solid marketing method in each of these categories will lead to long-term success in lead generation for your business.

If you focus too much on just active marketing, you (or your people) will eventually hit burnout and it’s likely you’ll have roller coaster revenue.

If you focus too much on just your passive marketing, it’s likely that it will take too long for your business to ramp up.

Would you agree with this marketing philosophy? Why or why not?

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